Ron Moton PH.D

International touring Jazz musician performing artist, in demand music producer, clinician and educator. Creator of the innovative music genre “HipBop Jazz” This was the predecessor of acid jazz. He also was co creator of the musical genre “Latin Bounce” His musical credits and production number in the hundreds in various music formats. The primary focus is positive music that both engages the listener while uplifting the human spirit. For over two decades he has performed worldwide as the saxophonist, flautist,and background vocalist for the legendary funk and r&b  group ConFunkShun. Always keeping a sharp mind towards new and innovative ideas, musical instruments and creations Dr Moton partnered with the Eastern Music Company to design a custom series a pro Level saxophones. The Eastern Music Ron Moton Custom Series Soprano Saxophone. More designs are in development. Eastern Music  produces great instruments and accessories that encompass the needs of the professional artist.

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Sean Nowell

Sean Nowell is a NYC Tenor Saxophonist, Composer, Recording Artist and Educator. Works at The New York Jazz Exchange. The Kung-Fu Masters.

Rusty Blevins

Rusty Blevins-Blevinsax music, Saxophonist/Composer

Play EM MKVI Tenor saxophone, Alto saxophone, J type straight soprano saxophone..

Chris Stieve-Dawe

Chris Stieve-Dawe – was born in London, during his youth he was a member of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Great Britain, and toured throughout as a Jazz saxophonist with various bands throughout Europe.
In 1971 he began playing with the Military Music Service playing both Clarinet & Saxophone, and studied at the Royal College of Music & The Royal Military School of music, Kneller Hall, London and London University.
He served as conductor of the Military Music Corps for 13 years and receiving Diplomas in Conducting, Arranging and Harmony from the Royal College Music London, and an additional Diploma as an Instrumentalist from London University.
He has lived and worked as a professional musician in Germany since 1993, where he works as a conductor, teacher, arranger, author and Instrumentalist.
Chris has composed and arranged numerous works for ensembles of all kinds, especially Big Band, Concert Band, Saxophone Quartet. He is frequently to be seen at Jazz events all over Germany. Chris is as a saxophone Artist for Schagerland a Bass Clarinet artist for Eastern Music, China.

Giovanni Marchesiello

Through contacts with various funk and soul musicians from Nuremberg/Erlangen/Fürth, Marchesiello continues to develop musically and plays in different line-ups. In order to offer a wider range of sounds, he also uses the soprano and his main instrument today, the alto saxophone and tenor saxophone. It was not until a few years later that he decided to study saxophone at the Jazz & Rock School in Freiburg. During his studies, his talent on the instrument, especially his improvisational skills and his beautyful sound, was recognized and encouraged by the teachers. He receives a scholarship from the Jazz & Rock School Freiburg. The Kulturpark Freiburg is also supporting him with an additional scholarship. During his studies, he worked with various bands. Participation and participation in the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz) with the school combo band under the direction of Tom Timmler. Participation in the Tom Timmler Big Band of the Jazz and Rock School Freiburg. Participated in the Greg Badolato & Gary Barone Big Band as part of the Berklee Wind Seminar Workshop. In August 2006 he completed his studies at the Jazz & Rock School Freiburg as a ”state-recognized professional musician in the field of jazz and popular music”. Participation in the Yamaha Sax-Contest 2006/07 Hamburg. Debut album 2009 “Anima-Ballads & More”. In December 2010 his second album “un café” will be released with fellow musicians from the Baden and Mannheim scene. In addition to his work as a live and studio musician, Marchesiello works as a composer and teacher for saxophone and other woodwind instruments.

Pedro Morais Sax

A musician with extensive experience in weddings, hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, live acts with Dj’s, receptions, cocktails.


Pedro Morais has a solid experience in the area, having participated in important festivals in Portugal and abroad. It realizes about 200 presentations per year always of exclusive way and with much professionalism.

Services Offered

It is the ideal choice for an exciting performance during your ceremony and to bring great joy to your cocktail. It has a varied repertoire that appeals to the most diverse tastes, ranging from jazz to the current songs.

Some Links Of My Work:

Kenneth Hollins – a multi-talented musician, artist, songwriter, producer, and educator. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance, specializing in jazz and commercial music from the University of Memphis. As a respected music educator his passion for nurturing talent has led him to establish Hollins Musical Productions International. An online music school and resource that has become a trusted sanctuary for aspiring musicians worldwide. Kenneth plays a Custom Eastern Music Mark VI type tenor saxophone with a Copper Power Neck and an Eastern Music MB Gold Plated Tenor Mouthpiece.

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