Pro use stainless steel saxophone mouthpiece ligature in wire mesh design



Professional saxophone mouthpiece ligature in soft circular shape great sound, chain mesh design. 

Suitable for alto saxophone metal/ebonite mouthpiece, soprano saxophone metal/ebonite mouthpiece, tenor saxophone metal/ebonite mouthpiece, clarinet ebonite mouthpiece, and baritone saxophone ebonite mouthpiece.
Total 9 different size.
Very helpful to realize the vibration of sound play performance. Vast improvements on timbre, response, intonation and power.
Easy to fasten.
Not including the mouthpiece. Only ligature.

Damage upon arrival: If you have received a package damaged upon arrival, please notify us within 24 hours of receipt and retain all original packaging (including the original corrugated box). We will request digital pictures of the damage item for reference, and arrange FREE replacement after we receive the pictures.


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