One-piece straight model soprano saxophone Gold lacquered


One-piece straight model soprano saxophone
Key pitch: Bb
Color: Gold lacquer (by electrophoresis)
Key to the high G
Buffers “Mypads” Italian
Mother of pearl keys
Incision made ​​by hand
Case and mouthpiece included
Type: SS123 Like Yanagisawa, with G key
The SS123 series represents a new standard of professional quality soprano saxophone. It is a modern style, one-piece straight model soprano sax in a dark, vintage style lacquer finish.
Features: Soldered tone holes in the positions from C# up to the high F. This allows for minimal compromises in pitch and timbre. The one piece design gives the added advantages of quicker response, better resonance and a broader and more uniform dynamic range. In addition, the one-piece construction unifies the small mass of a soprano, giving it a rich, colorful sound with a more intact response. A great horn, with a great price!

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PC hard shell case. full floral engravings. Italian Pisoni pads.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 75 × 18 × 27 cm


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